Conference Recording Services

Our personel have extensive experience recording conferences/conventions from as few as 400 people to over 75,000. We have recorded conferences in the Louisianna Superdome, Houston, Forth Worth & Dallas Convention Centers, Staples Arena, Las Vegas Convention Center, Pepsi Center, Anaheim Convention Center, Denver Convention Center and literally hundreds of stadiums, arenas, hotels and convention centers throughout the U.S.

It is our desire to provide your organization with the very finest quality on-site recording and high-speed duplication possible. Many of our competitors charge a large fee just to show up at your convention. We are very different.

NCRS offers the following:

l. On-site audio cd recording and duplication. Attendees can purchase and pick up copies of each session on-site.

2. We also offer on-site video shooting/recording and dvd duplication at no extra charge.

3. We pay our own transportation, technicians and support staff, product costs, shipping etc....

4. We offer post-conference ordering 24/7 via our on-line order processing. Click on any of the conferences to the right of this page to see how your order page will look.

5. Fast and efficient post-conference order processing. Excellent customer care.

6. NCRS will provide cd/dvd order forms for insertion into the attendee packets and/or on-site distribution.

We ask that your organization provide the following:

l. Two hotel rooms (for conferences outside the Denver metro area) from the night prior to the conference (set up day) through the final night of the conference.

2. Pay all union, vendor, electrical, facility or audio-visual fees that may be charged by the venue.

3. Pricing beginning as low as $3,000.

4. Meal passes for any meals at which recording is required.

5. A detailed schedule listing the names of speakers, their presentation titles and the room assignments for each session at least 2 weeks prior to the event.

6. Four banquet style tables to be placed in a high traffic area (usually near registration or the general session area) for the sale and production of cds/dvds.

We would love the opportunity to work with your organization. Please contact us at your earliest convenience to book your next event with National Conference Recording Services, Inc.

Tel: 303-807-1404, E-mail:,

For more information , please contact us either via email at You may also call us at 303-807-1404 from 9:00 - 5:00 M-F MST.

We look forward to serving you.