Question: How many attendees do you require us to have before you will record our conference?
Answer: We like to see a minimum of 200 attendees. However, there are many things for us to consider: Location of Conference. Subject Matter. Past history of our conference (ie. past tape sales, cost of tapes to the attendees, are you willing to offer a guarantee, etc...) All of these factor into our decision. We have recorded conferences with as few as 50 attendees.

Question: Are you willing to travel?
Answer: Yes. We ask that you provide air fare and hotel accomodations if the conference is outside the Denver Metro area. We will pay the cost of shipping our equipment and supplies to the event site. We have recorded conferences in almost every state in the union. Again, we will evaluate your past history of tape sales or willingness to provide a guarantee.

Question: What is our guarantee that all the tapes will come out perfect.
Answer: Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause a tape to come out less than perfect. Our failure rate is less than 1%. That is a remarkable success rate in our industry. Here are just some of the potential problems that could occur during a recording: A short in the cable. The speaker refuses to wear or talk into the microphone. A power surge. A power failure. An attendee placeing their chair on the mike cable. The speaker stepping on the cable. A "buzz" in the hotel/event center system. There are "gremlins" in all recording and sound reinforcement equipment. If any company tells you otherwise, they are not being honest. 99.9% of our conferences have absolutely no problems whatsoever. However, we cannot give a l00% guarantee that every tape will be perfect. No one in our industry can. We're just being honest...

Question: Can you help us market our tapes after the conference.
Answer: Yes. There are some conferences that have world-wide marketing potential. For instance, there are many topics that can and should be marketed world-wide. We can help you market your tapes to the world community. With the technology explosion, your message can be marketed to your target market for a fraction of the cost of let's say 10 years ago. We'd love to work with you to create that world-wide market.

Question: Can our tapes be packaged in cassette albums.
Answer: Yes. An attractive album/album cover generates more tape sales. We'll be happy to design a cover for your tape album at no charge.

Question: How much notice do you need to include us in your calendar.
Answer: In many cases, just a few days. Our calendar fills up quickly, but there are many weeks during the year when there is absolutely no business. We like to book our conferences a year in advance, however please don't rule us out if your conference is happening in two weeks. We will do our best to accomodate you.

Question: What are your charges for video, sound reinforcement and translation systems.
Answer: Because there are so many variables in these types of services, we really need to talk with you first to define your needs. You will receive a quote within 2 days after our consultation.

Question: What if we just want to have you duplicate our masters from your office?
Answer: We duplicated literally thousands of tapes each month from clients who send us their masters. Our turn-around time is very fast and our price per duplicated tape is among the lowest in the industry. Please refer to the "Products" page of this web-site for pricing.

Question: Do your record music?
Answer: In most cases...no. There are many copyright issues that prevent us from recording music. However, if you have an origional music tape/CD or have verifiable permission, we are happy to produce copies for you.

Question: Can you do post-conference fulfillment?
Answer: Yes. Most of our clients require post-conference fulfillment. The post-conference postage and handling is included on the tape order forms given to the attendees. The charge is usually $1.00/tape up to a maximum of $8.00/order. Turn-a-round time for post-conference orders is 2-3 days after receipt of the order. Concise records are kept and your commissions are paid to you on a monthly basis. You will receive a report detailing each order with your commission check.

Please feel free to E-mail us with any additional questions you may have.