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 2017 Conference
Full Set of CDS $99 CHEC2017FullSetCDs Yes $99.00
Full Set on a Flash Drive CHEC2017FullSetFlashDrive Yes $99.00
K1 Keynote Session: Joseph Pearce - The Evangelizing Power of Beauty: Converting the Culture chec2017K1 Yes $8.00
K2 Joseph Pearce - A Matter of Life and Death: The Marks of a True Catholic Education CHEC2017K2 Yes $8.00
K3 Jennifer Mackintosh - Rebuilding Culture by Doing the Next Thing CHEC2017K3 Yes $8.00
W1 Brianna Heldt - Is the Grass Really Greener? Straight Talk about Public Schooling vs. Homeschooling (From a Mother Who†CHEC2017W1 Yes $8.00
W10 Jennifer Mackintosh - The Call Within the Call: Lessons from Mother Teresa on Homeschooling 2017CHECW10 Yes $8.00
W11 Father James Jackson - The Art of Teaching: Eight Approaches to Educating the Whole Child CHEC2017W11 Yes $8.00
W12 Monica Mayhak, - Reaching the Finish Line: Homeschooling High School and Beyond CHEC2017W12 Yes $8.00
W2 Panel of Veteran Moms - Been There, Done That: Our “Big Sisters” in Homeschooling Share Wisdom a CHEC2017W2 Yes $8.00
W3 Mattie Nelson - Falling in Love with Homeschooling: The What, Why, and How of Beginning the Adventure CHEC2017W3 Yes $8.00
W4 Father John Riley - Homeschooling Mothers and the “Sacrament of Rest” CHEC2017W4 Yes $8.00
W5 Jennifer Mackintosh - Q&A with Jennifer Mackintosh: Your Questions Answered by a Homeschooling Genius CHEC2017W5 Yes $8.00
W6 Brianne Tobin - Caught in the Web: Keeping your Kids Safe in Cyberspace 2017CHECW6 Yes $8.00
W7 Jennifer Mackintosh - Planning for the Home and Home Education 2017CHECW7 Yes $8.00
W8 Panel of Homeschooling Dads - Men with Chests: How Homeschooling Dads are Saving the World 2017CHECW8 Yes $8.00
W9 Pat Carmack - Abolishing the American Highschool: Moving Students Directly from Elementary School to College Courses CHEC2017W9 Yes $8.00