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 2016 Conference Denver
ssepa2016PS7 Yes $8.00
10 Tings Tat Go Bump in the Night dvd ssepa201610 Yes $15.00
11 Dreaming of Progress dvd ssepa201611 Yes $15.00
12 Anomalous Neurosciences dvd ssepa201612 Yes $15.00
14 Nature and Nurture in Parapsychology dvd ssepa201614 Yes $15.00
15 JB RHINE LECTURE and PA AWARDS - Banquet audio cd onl ssepa201615 Yes $8.00
16 Pragmatic Applications and Technologies dvd ssepa201616 Yes $15.00
17 Trickster Panel dvd ssepa201617 Yes $15.00
18 So What Is Consciousness? dvd ssepa201618 Yes $15.00
19 There is no gate: On PA and the AAAS – Annalisa Ventola dvd 2016 Conference Denver Yes $15.00
20 Tyler W. Stevens – - Exploring the Astral Dimension; A Website of Open Experience [SSE] audio cd - informal dis ssepa2016PS20 Yes $8.00
21 Takeshi Shimizu, Kitaro Yamamoto, & Masato Ishikawa – Reliability of RNG Outputs During Movie-Viewing Field Experiments [SSE] ssepa2016PS21 Yes $8.00
7 Clinical and Experiential Approaches dvd ssepa20167 Yes $15.00
8 Dream Time dvd ssepa20168 Yes $15.00
Accessing the Exceptional dvd ssepa20165 Yes $15.00
Biological Exceptions and Psychedelics dvd ssepa163 Yes $15.00
Experimental Parapsychology dvd ssepa20162 Yes $15.00
Extraordinary Experiences dvd ssepa20166 Yes $15.00
Mediumship and Seance Phenomena dvd ssepa20164 Yes $15.00
PS10 Courtney Roberts & Renay Oshop – Astrology: Te Queen of all Pseudosciences [SSE] - audio cd- informal discussion ssepa2016PS10 Yes $8.00
PS2Daniella J. Caputi – Mental Weather Influence: A Pilot Test Using Atmospheric Turbulence [SSE] audio cd ssepa2016PS2 Yes $8.00
PS3 Ross Davis – Making UFO Data Useful for Scientific Research [SSE] audio cd ssepa2016PS3 Yes $8.00
PS5 Renaud Evrard – Te Dialogued Capture: Analysis and Application of Roe & Roxburgh’s Hierarchical Model of Cold Reading Strate sseepa2016PS5 No $8.00
PS6 Dale E. Graf & Patricia S. Cyrus – Future News Photographs as Psi Targets: A Precognition Methodology [SSE] audio cd - infor ssepa2016PS6 Yes $8.00
PS8 Alejandro Parra – Anomalous/Paranormal Experiences Reported by Nurses Themselves and in Relation with Their Patients in Hosp ssepa2016PS8 Yes $8.00
PS9 Paula Rayo & Imants Barušs – Surrendering to the Vine of the Soul: Ayahuasca Shamanism as a Logotherapy [SSE] - audio cd - i ssepa2016PS9 Yes $8.00
Soul, Consciousness, and Psi ssepa2016 Yes $15.00
W Activating Psi Dreaming Research Methods and Application Potential [SSE] Dale E. Graff - All Day Workshop CD Set ssepa2016FWCD Yes $29.00
W Activating Psi Dreaming Research Methods and Application Potential [SSE] Dale E. Graff - All Day Workshop DVD Set ssepa2016FWDVD Yes $49.00