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 2015 Conference
Bumper Sticker "I Love Jesus" CHEC2015ILJ Yes $5.00
Bumper Sticker "I Love My Wife" CHEC2015ILMW Yes $5.00
Bumper Sticker "I Love my Husband" CHEC2015ILMH Yes $5.00
Keynote: Discover Your Children’s Gifts ~ Lynn Grandon CHEC2015K2 Yes $6.00
Keynote: If Aristotle’s Kid had an Ipod: Traditional Wisdom for Modern Parenting – Conor Gallagher CHEC2015K1 Yes $6.00
W1 Introduction to Homeschooling - Beginners Workshop (Panel) CHEC2015W1 Yes $6.00
W10 Composing a Curriculum Based on the Incarnation – Mary Daly CHEC2015W9 Yes $6.00
W11 Montessori Education: What is it all About? Pauline Meert, Irene O’Brien CHEC2015W10 Yes $6.00
W12 Domestic Rest: The Home as Armory and Sanctuary Fr. Michael O’Loughlin CHEC2015W11 Yes $6.00
W13 Tour of the Universe: A Look at Purpose of Science EducationMary Daly CHEC2015W13 Yes $6.00
W14 Montessori in the Home – Activities and Q & AIrene O’Brien, Pauline Meert CHEC2015W14 Yes $6.00
W15 Don’t Hide your Light Under a Bushel Basket: Preparing Children to Engage a Culture that Really Needs Their Help –Alicia Van CHEC2015W15 Yes $6.00
W16 Language and Literature – Mary Daly CHEC2015W16 Yes $6.00
W17 Debt-free Liberal Education (not just Liberal Arts) and Bachelors Degrees Pat Carmack CHEC2015W17 Yes $6.00
W2 Teaching History with Living Books – Linda Nelson CHEC2015W2 Yes $6.00
W3 Games: Mastering Addition and Subtraction Facts Right Start Representative CHEC2015W3 Yes $6.00
W4 PE for Fitness, Learning, and Life – Dave Kemp CHEC2015W4 Yes $6.00
W5 Real Life Science: Activities to Get Out and Explore – Karma Langer CHEC2015W5 Yes $6.00
W6 Daily Drama: Bring performance arts to your home – Cortni Mullin CHEC2015W6 Yes $6.00
W7 When is the best time to begin the study of the Great Books? Pat Carmack CHEC2015W7 Yes $6.00
W8 20 Bulletproof Educational Ideas for Catholic HomeschoolersAlicia Van Hecke CHEC2015W8 Yes $8.00
W9 The Homeschooling Father – Conor Gallagher CHEC2015K9 Yes $6.00