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 2015 Conference
"I Love Jesus Bumper Sticker - $5 AGH2015ILoveJesusBumperSticker Yes $5.00
"I Love My Husband" Bumper Sticker $5 Buy them for your daughters too... AHG2015ILoveMyHusbandBumperSticker Yes $5.00
All 3 General Sessions on video DVDs - $49 (save $11.00) AHG2015FullSetVideo Yes $49.00
Full set of all sessions on audio cds - $249 (Save $43.00) AHG2015FullSetAudio Yes $249.00
GS1 Rivqa Bary, Jennifer & Linda Barrick (audio cd) AHG2015GS1A Yes $8.00
GS1 Rivqa Bary, Jennifer & Linda Barrick (video dvd) AMG2015GS1V Yes $20.00
GS2 Dannah Gresh (audio cd) AHG2015GS2A Yes $8.00
GS2 Dannah Gresh (video dvd) AHG2015GS2V Yes $20.00
GS3 Patti Garibay (audio cd) AHG2015GS3A Yes $8.00
GS3 Patti Garibay (video dvd) AHG2015GS3V Yes $20.00
I Love My Family Bumper Sticker - $5 AHG2015ILoveMyFamilyBumperSticker Yes $5.00
W1 The Magnificent, Mysterious, Messy Years Understanding What Makes Teens Tick - Marv Penner (2 cds) AHG2015W1A Yes $12.00
W10 Empowering vs. Assigning Volunteers - Carolyn Moore (audio cd) AHG2015W10 Yes $8.00
W11 Special Needs - Rob Rye (audio cd) AHG2015W11A Yes $8.00
W12 Yada! Yada! Yada! (Patriot Workshop) - Dannah Gresh (audio cd) AHG2015W12 Yes $8.00
W13 Ministry with Kids Who Are Hurting - Marv Penner (2 cds) AHG2015W13 Yes $12.00
W14 The Joy of Serving - Sheila McClung (audio cd) AHG2015W14 Yes $8.00
W15 What's Your Succession Plan? - Tommy Baril (audio cd) AHG2015W15A Yes $8.00
W16 Why Girls Leave AHG - Lauren Meadors (audio cd) AHG2015W16A Yes $8.00
W17 Planning & Hosting a Girl Leadership Retreat - Betsy Culbreth (audio cd) AHG2015W17 Yes $8.00
W18 On the Right Foot: Starting a Troop WellCarolyn Moore & Marilyn Huffman (audio cd) AHG2015W18 Yes $8.00
W19 Making the Most of AHGconnect - Gary Bivins (audio cd) AHG2015W19 Yes $8.00
W2 Difficult People Difficult Situations - Annie Slagboom (2 cds) AHG2015W2A Yes $12.00
W21 Unashamed: Helping Girls Tell Their "God Stories" Mikayla Owens & Susan DíSouza (audio cd) AHG2015W21A Yes $8.00
W22 Making the "Leap" to High Adventure - Greg Schmidt (audio cd) AHG2015W22A Yes $8.00
W23 How to Start a Colors Unit - Major Richard Cady & Lynelle Lindberg (audio cd) AHG2015W23 Yes $8.00
W24 Finding Family Balance - Annette Novesl (audio cd) AHG2015W24A Yes $8.00
W25 Parenting in a Sexualized Culture Joanne Cornelius (2 cds) AHG2015W25A Yes $8.00
W26 Telling the AHG Story: Ours and Yours - Rachael Culpepper & Katy Bunn (2 cds) AHG2015W26A Yes $8.00
W28 A Morning with Dannah Gresh - Dannah Gresh (2 cds) AHG2015W28A Yes $12.00
W29 Free to be a Blessing as a Leader - Renata Bowers (audio cd) AHG2015W29A Yes $12.00
W3 Beyond Artificial Maturity - Josh Isenhardt, Growing Leaders (2 cds) AHG2015W3A Yes $12.00
W4 Spiritual Development: More Than a Program Emphasis - Christy Johnson (audio cd) AHG2015W4A Yes $8.00
W5 PreArea Development - Lindsey Wilson (audio cd) AHG2015GS5A Yes $8.00
W6 AHG: Commodity or Ministry? - Amanda Gardner (audio cd) AHG2015W6A Yes $8.00
W7 Itís Great to Be A Girl - Dannah Gresh (audio cd) AHG2015W7A Yes $8.00
W8 Young Girls Can Lead, Too! - Diedre Collins (audio cd) AHG2015W8A Yes $8.00
W9 Free to be an Upside Down Leader - Renata Bowers (audio cd) AHG2015W9A Yes $8.00