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 2013 Conference
AA: Financial Reporting for Related Entities and Mergers - John Parrish 2013mnlc-K45 Yes $8.00
AA: Understanding the AICPA Not-for-Profit Industry Guide - Dick Larkin 2013mnlc-W41 Yes $8.00
AA: Understanding the AICPA Not-for-Profit Industry Guide - Dick Larkin 2013mnlc-K41 Yes $8.00
Adjust Your STAND to the Global Transitions Paul Borthwick 2013mnlc-W35 Yes $8.00
Commission on Accountability and Policy for Religious OrganizationsDan Busby & Mike Batts 2013mnlc-K47 Yes $8.00
Cross-Cultural Partnering: Navigating Expectations - Craig Ott 2013mnlc-W1 Yes $8.00
Cross-cultural Servanthood - Duane Elmer 2013mnlc-K14 Yes $8.00
Dancing with the Elephant: Re-Training the Ungainly Behemoth of Short-Term Missions Lisa La George 2013mnlc-K64 Yes $8.00
Dev: Development 101 - John Frank 2013mnlc-K48 Yes $8.00
Dev: Effective Use of Web and Social Media for Fundraising and CommunicationTim Kachuriak 2013mnlc-K46 Yes $8.00
Dev: Major Donor Development - Kim Till 2013mnlc-K42 Yes $8.00
Dev: The Seed Company Model for Outcome Accountability to Donors - Scott Anderson 2013mnlc-W38 Yes $8.00
Distance Learning in Practice: Overcoming the Loss of the Face to Face Relational Aspects Steve Kemp 2013mnlc-K-70 Yes $8.00
Equipping Missionaries to be Servants in a Culturally Diverse World: Theological and Educational Perspectives - Duane Elmer 2013mnlc-K5 Yes $8.00
Evaluating Training Effectiveness: The Kirkpatrick Model in the Christian World Jim Kirkpatrick 2013mnlc-W10 Yes $8.00
FM: Board Reporting - David Steverson 2013mnlc-K39 Yes $8.00
FM: Compensation Philosophy - Jerry Burgess, John Butler & Dave Moja 2013mnlc-K43 Yes $8.00
Filling the Gap - New Sending Paradigms for Churches - Nathan Garth 2013mnlc-K12 Yes $8.00
From Mission to Movement - Mike Breen 2013mnlc-W2 Yes $8.00
Generational Learning Preferences: How to Adjust our Teaching and Training Camille Bishop 2013mnlc-K69 Yes $8.00
Getting Messy - Practical Engagement in Partnership - Ellen Livingood 2013mnlc-W17 Yes $8.00
Getting Your Church Members to Think and Act Like Missionaries - Larry McCrary and Caleb Crider 2013mnlc-K15 Yes $8.00
HR: Stand Together in Organizational Health - Jennifer Holloran 2013mnlc-K-58 Yes $8.00
HR: Standing Firm for Moral Purity: Sex and Missions - Don Johnson 2013mnlc-K53 Yes $8.00
How Does the Changing World of International Missions Necessitate Changing Funding Models? - Roy Peterson 2013mnlc-W3 Yes $8.00
Leg: Intellectual Property - Cory Halliburton 2013mnlc-W40 Yes $8.00
Leg: Social Media - Ken Liu 2013mnlc-K44 Yes $8.00
MH & HR: Standing Firm and Standing Together in the Commitment to Care and Serve - Laura Mae Gardner & Jeff Kwon 2013mnlc-K55 Yes $8.00
MH: Churches and Missions Agencies Partnering in Member Care: An Asian Perspective Ivan Liew 2013mnlc-K50 Yes $8.00
MH: Standing Together: Strategies to Help Your Family Survive the Mission FieldTrent Murray 2013mnlc-K52 Yes $8.00
MH: Understanding and Managing Recovered Memory Abuse Investigations: Standing Together - Brent Lindquist 2013mnlc-K57 Yes $8.00
MOB: 3 Keys to Successfully Tracking Your Recruits - Karen Campbell, Kory Fay and Peter Slayton 2013mnlc-K49 Yes $8.00
MOB: Forming People in Process - Tanya Nace 2013mnlc-K51 Yes $8.00
MOB: Missionary Recruitment for the Non-Conformist - Luke Johnson 2013mnlc-K54 Yes $8.00
MoveIn: STAND for the Bottom Billion and Radical Next-Gen Mobilization Nigel Paul 2013mnlc-W31 Yes $8.00
Moving From Lose-Lose to Win-Win: A Conversation with Church and Agency Leaders - Ron Burdock & Matthew Philip 2013mnlc-K11 Yes $8.00
New Models in Dealing with Cross-Cultural Transitions - Becky Johnson 2013mnlc-K66 Yes $8.00
North American Churches Engaging Churches Worldwide - Decio de Carvalho Beram Kumar Peter Tarantal 2013mnlc-K16 Yes $8.00
Pre-Conference Lab: What Jesus Wants From the Church Mike Breen (3 cd set 2013mnls-K1A Yes $16.00
Questions Majority World Leaders are Asking About the STM Movement - Paul Borthwick 2013mnlc-W4 Yes $8.00
Recent Developments - Dan Busby & John Van Drunen, 2013mnlc-K8 Yes $8.00
Reclaiming World Mission: The Legacy of African Americans - Allan Wiltshire II 2013mnlc-K62 Yes $8.00
STAND Secure in Hostile Environments - Bob Klamser 2013mnlc-W32 Yes $8.00
STAND Tall to Boldly Transform the North American Mission Robert Hodge 2013mnlc-W36 Yes $8.00
STAND Together in High Impact Missional Networks - Karin Butler Primuth 2013mnlc-W33 Yes $8.00
STAND Together in High Impact Missional Networks - Karin Butler Primuth 2013mnlc-W34 Yes $8.00
STAND Together: Decio de Carvalho, Beram Kumar, Peter Tarantal (audio cd) 2013mnlc-K3A Yes $8.00
STAND Together: Decio de Carvalho, Beram Kumar, Peter Tarantal (video dvd) 2013mnlc-K3V Yes $20.00
Seeing Beyond Their Need - Terry Dalrymple 2013mnlc-K59 Yes $8.00

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