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 2013 Conference
FULL SET SPECIAL ~ $89 SAVE $19 2013CHEC Full Set Special Yes $89.00
K1 Keynote – Rapt with Wonder, Educated for Freedom – the Mission of Catholic Homeschooling in America - Dr. Anthony Lilles 2013CHEC K1 Yes $8.00
K2 Keynote - The Critical Elements of a Genuinely Catholic Education ~ Patrick Carmack 2013CHEC K2 Yes $8.00
W1 Beginning to Homeschool Session: Ten Things I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Homeschooling - Debbie Nowak 2013CHEC W1 Yes $8.00
W11 Introduction to Catholic Historiography - Phillip Campbell 2013CHEC W11 Yes $8.00
W12 Schooling Multiple Ages: Tips from a Mom of 13Erin Brown Conroy 2013CHEC W12 Yes $8.00
W14 Books for Breakfast, Literature for Lunch – Melissa Wiley 2013CHEC W14 Yes $8.00
W15 Weaving the Life of the Church into Your Life - Lisa Cotter 2013CHEC W13 Yes $8.00
W16 Homeschooling the Early Years: The Three R’sJessica McMaken 2013CHEC W16 Yes $8.00
W2 How to Prepare Your Teen for College: Secrets to SuccessErin Brown Conro 2013CHEC W2 Yes $8.00
W3 Nature Study: God’s Outdoor Classroom – Sharon Logan 2013CHEC W3 Yes $8.00
W4 Engaging Kids in Modern History - Phillip Campbell 2013CHEC W4 Yes $8.00
W6 Educating with the Great Books – Pat Carmack 2013CHEC W5 Yes $8.00
W6 Educating with the Great Books – Pat Carmack 2013CHEC W6 Yes $8.00
W7 Mom’s Spirituality in a Busy Homeschool- Karen Edmisten 2013CHEC W7 Yes $8.00
W8 The Role of the Homeschooling Father: What am I Supposed to be Doing? - Phillip Campbell 2013CHEC W8 Yes $8.00
W9 Complete Mastery Reading - Erin Brown Conroy 2013CHEC W9 Yes $8.00