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 2012 Conference
Panel Discussion — Global Warming Moderator: Charlie Tolbert9:00 Panel: Henry Bauer, David Dilley, Pieter Tans, Gifford Miller 2012 SSE9 Yes $18.00
10:15 Richard Blasband “Weather Modification in Israel”10:40 Robert M. Wood “Does the Planetary Torque on the Oblate Spinning Su 2012 SSE6 Yes $18.00
10:15 Vijay Gupta “Effects of Bioelectromagnetic Energy on Okra Yields Using Thought Transaction”10:40 Ben Bendig “Plant Sensiti 2012 SSE11 Yes $18.00
10:20 Invited lecture introduction10:25 Richard Olree “Minerals, Genetics, and the Long-Term Effects of Cesium 135, 137, Iodine, 2012 SSE2 Yes $18.00
1:25 Juan Acosta-Urquidi “EEG Alpha Spectral Power is Augmented during Energy Healing” Sponsored by Richard Blasband.1:50 Yury K 2012 SSE12 Yes $18.00
1:40 Stoyan Sarg “Theoretical Feasibility of Cold Fusion According to the Basic Structures of Matter–Supergravitation Unified Th 2012 SSE7 Yes $18.00
2:00 Jagdish Kohli “Effect of Bioelectromagnetic Energy on Human Cells Using ThoughtTransactions” Sponsored by Vijay Gupta.2:25 2012 SSE3 Yes $18.00
3:15 William Bengston “Patterns in the Acceptance/Rejection of Anomalies: A Survey of SSE Members”3:40 William H. Kautz “Intuiti 2012 SSE4 Yes $18.00
3:20 Fran McCabe “The Secret Life of Gyroscopes” Sponsored by Bill Bengston.3:45 Sky Nelson “Physics, Synchronicity, and Experim 2012 SSE8 Yes $18.00
3:30 Julie Beischel “Anomalous Information Reception by Credentialed Mediums RegardingNon-Human Animal Discarnates”3:55 Courtney 2012 SSE13 Yes $18.00
8:05 Invited lecture introduction8:10 Thomas M. Dykstra “Challenging the Insect Olfaction Paradigm: New Evidence”9:00 Julia Moss 2012 SSE10 Yes $18.00
:05 Invited lecture introduction8:10 David Dilley “Natural Climate Pulse: Global Warming–Global Cooling–Carbon Dioxide”9:00 Piet 2012 SSE5 Yes $18.00
Full set of all sessions presented at the 31st 2012 SSE Full Set Video Yes $149.00
Subtheme: Challenging Paradigms in the Health Sciences8:00 Welcome and Introductions8:10 Dinsdale Prize Award Introduction8:15 D 2012 SSE1 Yes $18.00