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 2012 Conference
A Living Education using Charlotte Mason’s Philosophy & Methods Jen Mackintosh 2012CHECW11 Yes $8.00
Beginning to Homeschool Workshop 2012CHECW1 Yes $8.00
Full Set (all sessions) on Audio CDs - $89 - Save $39 2012CHECFullSetSpecial Yes $89.00
General Session ~ Catholic Social Teaching & HomeschoolingEverett Buyarski 2012CHECK2 Yes $8.00
Hands-On Colorado History – Fran Pierson 2012CHECW14 Yes $8.00
How to Live the Liturgical Year so it is Second Nature to your FamilyJennifer Miller 2012CHECW5 Yes $8.00
How to Teach Worldview through Literature – Martin Cothran 2012CHECW6 Yes $8.00
Keynote ~ What Education is for: The two basic goals of educationMartin Cothran CHEC2012K1 Yes $8.00
Logic: The Original Thinking Skill! – Martin Cothran 2012CHECW12 Yes $8.00
Nurturing Music in the Home – Charles Nolen 2012CHECW10 Yes $8.00
Nurturing Wonder in Early Childhood – Jen Mackintosh 2012CHECW4 Yes $8.00
Organization of the Day: A Mother’s Gentle Rule of Love Jen Mackintosh 2012CHECW9 Yes $8.00
Preparing your Child for College: a four-year plan – Debbie Nowak 2012CHECW13 Yes $8.00
Preserving a Sense of Wonder–even into high school – Debbie Nowak 2012CHECW2 Yes $8.00
Science in Catholic Homeschooling: Philosophical & Practical Discussion - Everett Buyarski 2012CHECW15 Yes $8.00
Teaching History: The Great Schism – Fr. Michael O’Loughlin 2012CHECW7 Yes $8.00
The Education You Never Had: A crash course on classical education Martin Cothran 2012CHECW8 Yes $8.00
Why are the Great Books essential to Education? – Patrick Carmack 2012CHECW3 Yes $8.00