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 2011 Conference
FULL SET SPECIAL ~ $99.00 SAVE $21.00 RMCHEC11-FULL SET Yes $99.00
K1- Keynote – A Biblical Walk Through the Mass (Dr. Ted Sri) RMCHEC11K1 Yes $8.00
K2-Keynote - Finding Grace and Joy in Your Homeschool (Maureen Wittmann) RMCHEC11K2 Yes $8.00
W1-Beginning Homeschooling: Beyond the Basics Cathie Baier RMCHEC11W1 Yes $8.00
W10-A Catholic Approach to Science – Michael Baruzzini RMCHEC11-W10 Yes $8.00
W11-How to Get Your Kids to See the Light (or Feel it or Hear it)! Cathie Baier RMCHEC11-W11 Yes $8.00
W12-The Family Rule: “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord” – Chantal and Dr. Peter Howard RMCHEC11-W12 Yes $8.00
W2-High School and Beyond: Yes, You Too Can Homeschool High School – Maureen Wittmann RMCHEC11-W2 Yes $8.00
W3-Raising Saints – Brother John Ignatius RMCHEC11-W3 Yes $8.00
W4-This Old Schoolhouse - Cathie Baier RMCHEC11-W4 Yes $8.00
W5-Intellectual and Spiritual Formation in the Third Millennium - Dr. Peter Howard RMCHEC-W5 Yes $8.00
W6-Practical Approaches to Integration of our Catholic Faith into Science Curriculum – Sandy Harem RMCHECW-6 Yes $8.00
W7-For the Love of Literature – Maureen Wittmann RMCHEC11-W7 Yes $8.00
W8-Homeschooling from Childhood to Motherhood Chantal Howard RMCHEC11-W8 Yes $8.00
W9-Socrates Meets Homeschool Mom – Cathie Baier RMCHEC-W9 Yes $8.00