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 2010 Conference
K1 Keynote Speaker: Richard Doerflinger – “Where are we in the social arena on the Life Issues? What are the victories and wha RL2010-K1 Yes $8.00
K2 Keynote Speaker: Richard Doerflinger – “A look at Healthcare Reform and Catholic Values: abortion, conscience clause and im RL2010-K2 Yes $8.00
W1 Fr. Jorge Rodriguez (in English) – “Christian Parresia for Today’s World” RL2010-W1 Yes $8.00
W2 Luis Soto (in Spanish)”La Voz de los Catolicos en la Sociedad” RL2010-W2 Yes $8.00
W3 Christian Brugger – “Does Morality Exist? Conscience and the Problem of Relativism” RL2010-W3 Yes $8.00
W4 Fr. Jorge Rodriguez (in Spanish) – “Parresia Cristiana para el Mundo de Hoy” RL2010-W4 Yes $8.00
W5 Jenny Kraska (in English) – “Fighting the good fight: Helping Catholics make their voices heard in the public square” RL2010-W5 Yes $8.00
W6 Sean Dalton (bilingual) – “Jesus Divine Teacher: Relativism contrasted with THE TRUTH” RL2010-W6 Yes $8.00