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 2008 Conference
P1 Plenary Session: “Developing Discernment, Deepening Discipleship” Denis Haack and Steve Garber epc08-P1 Yes $8.00
P10 - Morning Worship - Rev. Tim MacGowan epc08-P10 Yes $8.00
P11 - Presentations and Q&A - Dr. Jeff Jeremiah, Rev. Nate Atwood epc08-P11 Yes $8.00
P2 - Plenary Session: “For the Health of the Nation” Richard Cizik (Luncheon) epc08-P2 Yes $8.00
P3 - Plenary Session: “Faith Shapes Vocation, Shapes Culture” Steve Garber and Denis Haack epc08-P3 Yes $8.00
P4 - Opening Worship: Dr. Robert Norris epc08-P4 Yes $8.00
P5 - Women In Ministry – Take Away Workshop--Embracing an Aching Heart - Jennifer Brooks--The Truth Project - Mimi Vestal--REAL epc08-P5 Yes $8.00
P6 - The Church and Christ’s Burden – Dr. Sinclair Ferguson epc08-P6 Yes $8.00
P7 - Moderator’s Service of Communion and Prayer – Rev. Bill Vogler epc08-P7 Yes $8.00
P8 - Women In Ministry Luncheon– Take Away Workshop--Faith Focus Project: “Eagles Wings”--The Bridegroom’s Call to the Lady Eccl epc08-P8 Yes $8.00
P9 - Worship: “The Church and Christ’s Presence” - Dr. Sinclair Ferguson epc08-P9 Yes $8.00
W1 Breakout Session: “Developing Ears to Hear: Listening to the Postmodern Generation” Denis Haack epc08-W1 Yes $8.00
W2 - Breakout Session: “Good Stories and Good Societies: Stewarding the Church’s Story for the Sake of the World” Steve Garber epc08-W2 Yes $8.00
W3 - Breakout Session:“From Femme to Fatale: Faith and the Feminine in Today’s Culture” Charmaine Yoest epc08-W3 Yes $8.00
W4 - Breakout Session: “Engaging the Soul of Emerging Culture” Walt Mueller epc08-W4 Yes $8.00