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 2006 Conference
Advanced Mentoring Skills and ToolsDr. Harold Westing NCM2006-W9 Yes $11.00
Approaches to Mentoring in Seminary EducationDr. Matt Floding & Dr. Don Payne NCM2006-W8 No $11.00
Mentoring Urban Youth Luis Villarreal NCM2006-W12 No $11.00
Mentoring as a Means for Building Christian Community Sharon Heron NCM2006-W13 No $11.00
Mentoring for the Spiritual Formation of Leaders Lee McDowell & Dr. Steve Young NCM2006-W14 No $11.00
Mentoring in Intergenerational ChurchesRev. Jim Ladd & Dr. Chuck Stecker NCM2006-W11 No $11.00
Plenary Session 1: Dr. James Houston“The Surrealism of Public Ministry: Becoming Mentors in Christ” NCM2006-P1 No $11.00
Plenary Session 2: Elisa Morgan“Mentoring: Beyond Obstacles to Opportunities” NCM2006-P2 No $11.00
Plenary Session 3: Ted Travis NCM2006-P3 No $11.00
Workshop 1: Mentoring and Spiritual DirectionRoger Cauthon NCM2006-W1 No $11.00
Workshop 2: Mentoring and CounselingDr. LaVerne Jordan & Dr. Elisabeth Suarez NCM2006-W2 No $11.00
Workshop 3: Mentoring for MarriagesShane Fookes NCM2006-W3 No $11.00
Workshop 4: Longitudinal Assessment of Mentoring Liz Selzer NCM2006-W4 No $11.00
Workshop 5: Basic Mentoring Skills Dr. Terry Burns 01139 No $11.00
Workshop 5: Basic Mentoring Skills Dr. Terry Burns NCM2006-W5 No $11.00
Workshop 6: A Theological Framework for Mentoring Dr. Don Payne NCM2006-W6 No $11.00
Workshop 7: Using Questions to Stimulate Growth Jennifer Kelley NCM2006-W7 No $11.00