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 2006 Conference
W73 Identifying and Overcoming Media Influences on How We Think about Violence Against Women - DeeDee Burnett NCADV 06 W73 Yes $11.00
K3 Beyond Significant Loss: How Friends and Family Cope in the Wake of a Domestic Violence Homicide NCADV-K3 06 Yes $11.00
K4 Beyond Our Borders: InteInternational Organizing NCADV-K4 06 Yes $11.00
W112 How Can We Protect the Needs of Battered Women in Social Service and Faith-Based Settings? Wendy Lipshut NCADV 06 W112 Yes $11.00
W26 Confidentiality: Before and After VAWA 2005 (V) - Roberta Valente / Julie Field / Cindy Southworth NCADV 06 W26 Yes $11.00
W82 Women's Windows Program: Art as a Healing Tool for Battered Women (Part I) Cathy Salser / Olivia Piacenza NCADV 06 W82 Yes $11.00
W82B Women's Windows Program: Art as a Healing Tool for Battered Women (Part 2) Cathy Salser / Olivia Piacenza NCADV 06 W80B Yes $11.00
W85 Silence Speaks: Using Digital Media to Promote Healing and Domestic Violence Prevention (Part I) - Amy Hill NCADV 06 W85 Yes $11.00
W85B Silence Speaks: Using Digital Media to Promote Healing and Domestic Violence Prevention (Part 2) - Amy Hill NCADV 06 W85B Yes $11.00
W86 Listening to their Voices: What Latina Immigrant Survivors Need from Us - Belsie Gonzalez NCADV 06 W86 Yes $11.00
Domestic Violence Advocates and Judges: We All Speak the Same Language, Don't We? Or Do We? How Can We Hear Each Other Bett NCDAV 06 W6 Yes $11.00
K1 Organizing the Collective Power in Communities of Color NCADV K1 06 Yes $11.00
K2 Changing the Face of Domestic Violence Laws to Reflect Battered Women's Realities NACDV-K2 06 Yes $11.00
W10 Interviewing Skills for Legal Advocates - Jan Russell NCADV 06 W10 Yes $11.00
W103 International Child Abduction and the Escape from Domestic Violence - Paula Lucas / Whitney Zeigler NCADV 06 W103 Yes $11.00
W109 The Hotel Connection: Community Organizing for Safety - Rita Clark NCADV 06 W109 Yes $11.00
W11 Legal Rights of Immigrant Victims: Issues Concerning Immigration, Family Law, Public Benefits and Beyond Amanda Bara NCADV 06 W11 Yes $11.00
W110 Why Every Advocate Should Care About Voter Registration and How to Do it Safely with Battered Women Julianna Koob / Kati NCADV 06 W110 Yes $11.00
W111 Why Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchanges are a Critical Issue for Advocates Jennifer Rose / Beth McNamara / Tracee P NCADV 06 W111 Yes $11.00
W115 It`s Not Healthy if It`s Not Safe: Responding to the Federal Healthy Marriage Initiative - Ann Menard / Lisalyn Jacobs NCADV 06 W115 Yes $11.00
W117 “Woman`s Best Friend”: Animal Abuse, Child Abuse and Domestic Violence - Phil Arkow NCADV 06 W117 Yes $11.00
W12 Train-the-Trainers Program: Domestic Violence in the Workplace Seminars - Johnny Lee NCADV 06 W12 Yes $11.00
W120 Show Us the Money! Domestic Violence Advocates Organizing for Economic Justice - Mette Earlywine NCADV 06 W120 Yes $11.00
W16 Supporting Battered Women Who Have Been in Relationships with Men in Prison and Parole - Oliver Williams / Joleen Jones NCDAV 06 W16 Yes $11.00
W17 Firearms and Domestic Violence: Unconcealing the Weapons - Janette Tucker / Roberta Valente NCDAV 06 W17 Yes $11.00
W2 Passing State Laws to Promote Economic Self-Sufficiency of Survivors Deborah Widiss / Elizabeth Froehling NCADV 06 W2 Yes $11.00
W22 She's Got All Kinds of Troubles: Domestic Violence and Methamphetamine - Patricia Bland NCDAV 06 W22 Yes $11.00
W23 A Call to Men: Ending Violence Against Women - Anthony Porter / Ted Bunch NCDAV 06 W23 Yes $11.00
W25 Pursuing a Vision for Family Justice Centers across the United States -Casey Gwinn / Gael Strack NCDAV 06 W25 Yes $11.00
W27 Discussion Session: Certification for Domestic Violence Workers - Kay Miixon NCADV 06 W27 Yes $11.00
W29 The Role of Advocates in Preparing VAWA Self-Petitions (V) - Leslye Orloff / Joanne Lin NCADV 06 W29 Yes $11.00
W3 Law Enforcement Violence Against Women of Color: Another Reason to Develop Community-Based Responses to Violence NCADV 06 W3 Yes $11.00
W31 Children's Windows Program: Art as a Healing Tool for Children - Cathy Salser / Nellie Newman NCADV 06 W31 Yes $11.00
W35 From the Mouths of Babes: An Innovative Youth-Led Approach to Addressing Dating Violence and Sexual Assault among Urban Yo NCADV 06 W35 Yes $11.00
W5 What Stops Her? A New Way to Address Rules and Structure in Domestic Violence Shelter Programs Terri Pease / Carole NCADV 06 W5 Yes $11.00
W58 The Elephant in Our Living Room: Homophobia and Oppression in the Battered Women's Movement - Karen Tronsgard-Scott NCADV 06 W58 Yes $11.00
W60 Understanding How Housing Laws and New Provisions in VAWA can Help Survivors Secure Safe and Stable Housing (V) - Deborah NCADV 06 W60 Yes $11.00
W61 Human Trafficking - Olga Trujillo NCADV 06 W61 Yes $11.00
W63 Disaster Preparedness for Domestic Violence Programs - Julie-Ann Rivers Cochran / Joy Kruppa / Sharon Youngerman NCADV 06 W63 Yes $11.00
W64 After the Silence is Broken: Using Up-to-Date Research to Help Protective Mothers - Barry Goldstein / Mo Hannah NCADV 06 W64 Yes $11.00
W66 Reaching Boys and Young Men: Stopping Violence and Building Community - Paul Kivel NCADV 06 W66 Yes $11.00
W67 Organizing for Power: Addressing Violence, Subjugation and Revitalizing Politics - Nancy Meyer NCADV 06 W67 Yes $11.00
W68 Creating Access: Making Your Program Accessible to Women with Disabilities - Sandra Harrell / Sandy Ortman NCADV 06 W68 Yes $11.00
W69 Economic Well-Being and Intimate Partner Violence: New Findings about the Informal Economy - Loretta Pyles NCADV 06 W69 Yes $11.00
W70 Domestic Violence Research as a Tool for Social Change (R) - Julia Perilla NCADV 06 W70 Yes $11.00
W74 Serving Domestic Violence Victims from Mexico Madeline Gillette NCADV 06 W74 Yes $11.00
W79 Domestic Violence, Trauma and Mental Health: A National Dialogue - Carole Warshaw / Terri Pease NCADV 06 W79 Yes $11.00
W80 Grand Forks, North Dakota - Small City, Rural State: Collaborative Research for a Greater Community Response to Domestic V NCADV 06 W80 Yes $11.00
W87A What's Money Got to Do With It? (Part I) - Mette Earlywine NCADV 06 W87A Yes $11.00
W88 Communicating for Change - Toni Troop / Cheryl O`Donnell / Nicky Blanchard NCADV 06 W88 Yes $11.00

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