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 2005 conference
General Session: Myths & Reality of Homeschooling - Cathy Duffy RCHEC-001 Yes $6.00
Keynote Address: Education With a Catholic Worldview - Cathy Duffy RCHEC-002 Yes $6.00
Pre-conference Workshop: Answering Christ's Call: The Four Tasks RCHEC-003 Yes $6.00
Keynote Address: Spiritual Warfare - Matthew Pinto RCHEC-005 Yes $6.00
Learning to Read & Reading toForum RCHEC-004 Yes $6.00
Spelling for Success - Susan C. Anthony Learn - Celeste Thomas RCHEC-006 Yes $6.00
Turning Kids on to Writing - Cathy Duffy RCHEC-007 Yes $6.00
Passing on the Faith to Your Children - Matthew Pinto RCHEC-008 Yes $6.00
Lapbooking 101: Beyond the Book Report - Kim Fry RCHEC-009 Yes $6.00
Time Management for the Long Haul - Nancy Kuemmerlien RCHEC-010 Yes $6.00
Impact of a Faithful Man on the Catholic Homeschool Family - Sean Dalton RCHEC-011 Yes $6.00
Marvelous Math Tricks - Susan C. Anthony RCHEC-012 Yes $6.00
International Youth Exchange Programs - Nancy Kuemmerlein RCHEC-013 Yes $6.00
Choosing Curriculum to Fit Each Child RCHEC-014 Yes $6.00
Spiritual Warfare - Matthew Pinto RCHEC-015 Yes $6.00
Great Books Curriculum - Nancy Kuemmerlein RCHEC-016 Yes $6.00
What to do with the Little Ones - Active Learning for Preschoolers - Kim Fry RCHEC-017 Yes $6.00
The Writing Process - Susan C. Anthony RCHEC-018 Yes $6.00
The Importance of Sunday - Keeping Holy the Sabbath - Anthony Lilles RCHEC-019 Yes $6.00
The Family is the School of Love - Peter & Catherine Fournier RCHEC-001B Yes $6.00