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How Do I Use This Witnessing Tool?

The purpose of this witnessing cd or dvd is to create an easy way to witness to others. Simply hand your friend the cd or dvd and say "Hey Bob, I saw/heard this great talk the other day about men and thought you might be interested. Let me give this to you and tell me what you think. Can I get back to you in a couple of days?"

Hand these out to: friends, family, co-workers, your banker, your barber, your waiter/waitress, leave a couple in the coffee shop, at the store, in the phone booth, your mechanic, your neighbors etc....Be sure to put your name and telephone number on the disc using a permanent marker. It's the easiest way of witnessing to others. Try it...the more you hand out these cds/dvds, the easier it will become. Make a goal of handing out at least one every day. Keep them in your car. Each morning ask for God's guidance and the opportunities will just happen. It's truly amazing what God can do.