About Us

National Conference Recording Services has provided exceptional service to the conference industry for the past 22 years. We have recorded literally hundreds of conferences throughout the United States and Canada. We pride ourselves on getting the job done efficiently, professionally and with as little on site distraction as possible. We know you are extremely busy just prior and during the conference. To that end, we do our do diligence with as little disturbance to you as possible. In most cases, our pre-conference preparation time is far greater than the actual on-site time. In most cases we do a pre-conference site survey, meet the hotel staff associated with the event, prepare the cassette labels with your logo and titles, order form preparation, album cover artwork, equipment checks, sound checks on-site, pre-conference equipment set-up and a host of other details that are “behind the scene” necessities. Through all of this, our goal is to “stay out of your way” and allow you to do your work without worrying about the recording services.

We have provided on-site audio recording/duplication, sound reinforcement, translating support, video recording and production and a host of other audio-video related services. We have provided the entire sound system for over 10,000 attendees in the Louisana Superdome, recorded/duplicated/sold in excess of 12,000 audio tapes on-site in 1-1/2 days and provided translating systems in 7 languages simultaneously. We specialize in getting the “impossible” jobs done and done right.

Plese visit our references section in this web-site to see for yourself why our clients have and continue to choose National Conference Recording Services.

Company [Owners/Founders/Management]
Tim Skurdahl has served as National Conference Recording Services. Owner since 1979.


We are a Denver based company that has worked closely with the area hotels and convention complexes for the past several years. We have provided recording/duplication services for conventions throughout the US in locations such as: Louisianna Superdome, Anaheim Convention Center, Orlando Convention Center, Ft. Worth Convention Center, Houston Convention Center and dozens more.

Please contact us at your earliest convience so we can include your conference needs in our schedule. We look forward to working with you.